A day in the life of... a Technology Product Manager at YEStech (Fully automated, Team-based)


Let your learners step into the shoes of startup consultants and learn how to solve complex problems. Their decisions will influence their consulting pathway, making this an individualised, adaptive, engaging and fun experience! 


Case Study Summary

“YES Tech was launched 18 months ago by CEO and founder Bill Goldburg in Sydney, Australia. Their original product, SEEMORE was the brain child of CEO, Bill and his friend Jan. One afternoon, when discussing an investment opportunity Bill wanted to take in the cryptocurrency market, Jan decided to take the time to predict their decisions using a method he had developed. Jan had previously lost thousands of dollars making risky choices in the cryptocurrency market and didn’t want Bill to make the same mistakes.....”


This premium Practera Case Study template provides you, your students or your employees with a critical thinking case study experience that will build 21st Century Skills, including communication, teamwork, analysis and adaptability. Each participant will enter a fully simulated environment and discover the challenges faced by a startup to solve complex problems and make critical decisions.


What our clients say:

"The YES Tech case was amazing! After just 20 minutes of setup, I was able to enrol 50 participants who all had customised, individual learning experiences. Practera finally made possible what I wanted to do for a long time!" 


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify, analyse and evaluate situations, ideas and information to formulate responses.
  2. Work in a team towards a common goal. Including the ability to prevent and manage conflict.
  3. Listen to, understand, convey and contextualise information through verbal, nonverbal, visual and written means.
  4. Exercise self-reflection in relation to individual learning and teamwork.



  1. Self evaluation of Decision Making Skills (reflection, individual)
  2. Which product? (team) + Team 360. Participants select a product to beta test. Participants record a 3-4 minute video to outline their choice based on research and the information provided.
  3. Develop or Switch? (team) + Team 360Based on Beta Test results, participants need to decide whether to develop or switch their product. 3-4 minute video to outline participants' choice based on research and the information provided.
  4. Focus or Diversify? (team) + Team 360. 3-4 minute video to outline participants' choice based on research and the information provided.
  5. Reflect on Result (reflection, individual). Participants will write a reflection of 200-300 words demonstrating their learning and growth over the course of the program.


30 minutes of video content:

  • YES Tech Company Background
  • Video context & feedback from fictitious YES Tech leads

Data & Results:

  • Beta Test Results
  • Launch Results
  • Final Consulting Outcomes

Suggested research methods:

  • User testing; Investment returns; Risk analysis; Product-Market fit; and more.


External Requirements:

  • One or multiple mentors to complete reviews
  • Program Coordinator to team mentors and participants


Recommended hours/duration:

This case study has a suggested duration of 2-4 weeks: up to 1 week per decision and 1 week for final wrap up and reflection.

This is a participant-led program and participants are expected to input about 25 hours of work over the duration of the case study. This time estimate includes content review, research, presentation planning and decision making.


Features overview:

  • Fully mobile and engaging
  • Web version available
  • Custom branding for the app
  • 5 modules with a total of 15 activities
  • 12 individual pathways depending on actual decisions and real world feedback
  • Full documentation and tips for the perfect experience
  • Premium quality video and multimedia content
  • Document and video submissions
  • Reflection loops
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Optional team and optional moderated versions


Setup and configuration

After purchasing, you can download the template and upload it to Practera. To use this template you need a Practera Design License. (FREE TRIALS AVAILABLE). The import of a template takes less than 1 minute and you will be able to customise the employee app with our easy to use customization tools. From download to enrollment of your first employee in less than 10 minutes? Absolutely possible. Instruction videos will be included in your download.

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