Accelerator Program (Micro, Team, no Collaboration Zone)



The ‘NEXT IGNITE’ Innovation App supports a learner team with an external mentor through a short 'pre-accelerator' idea generation & pitch program following the initial phases of a Lean Launchpad based methodology. Students will be provided with feedback from mentor, peers and the program coordinator as they progress through the innovation journey.

The goal is for the learner to develop and pitch a high potential innovation concept to an ‘investment’ panel at the stage of entering an accelerator program. The program is generic and designed to be useful for startup, business or public good innovations across a range of problems and industries.

Learning objectives
  1. Identify valuable problems / opportunities and develop early stage innovative concepts to address them
  2. Integrate the skills, knowledge and experience of a diverse team to develop a potentially high value solution
  3. Reflect on self and peers team-working skills and implement strategies to improve individual skills and overall team performance
  4. Exercise responsibility and accountability in relation to own learning, teamwork and professional practice
Deliverables / assessments
  1. Ideazone - (Collaboration Zone - 500 words)
  2. Value Proposition and Pitch - (2-4 slides - 1000 words)
  3. Team 360 reports - (Team 360 - 1000 words over 2 deliverables)
  4. Reflective Statement - (500 words)

Lean Innovation Methodology (7 x 5 minute videos + readings)

  • Problems and Ideas - Identifying potentially valuable problems to develop which create new value

Collaborative Project Learning (7 x 5 minute videos + readings)

  • Self - Development of self awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Team - Development of high performing teams
  • Project - Project Management skills
  • Learning - Utilise the experiential learning cycle
    External requirements
    • Problem / theme / challenge area if required
    • Appropriate team mentor to spend 1-2 hours / week with the team
    Recommended hours / duration 50-60 hours, 4-6 weeks


    Successful examples

    The University of South Australia has run the NEXT Ignite Program as an elective module for its students. It has received a rating from students of 8.5/10 for their willingness to recommend the program to a friend.

    Licensing / Pricing

    The price includes access to the template and 1 license. Each extra license can be purchased at the same price.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the app work for your students and mentors?

    The app includes curated high-quality content and a collaborative project learning structure developed through experience with >10,000 students delivering successful projects for more than 500 industry partners. 

    How does the Practera platform help educators achieve great program outcomes?

    Educators who purchase Practera GO licenses for their students get free access to the Practera online platform to enrol participants, form teams and monitor progress. Our world-first AI-based experiential learning assistant helps you deliver a truly successful and engaging experience by flagging up whenever something needs your attention.

    What are licenses used for?

    You need a license for each participant that you want to enrol in your experience.

    Is there an ongoing cost if I buy licenses?

    No. Practera GO experience licenses are once-off purchases. You can simply buy more if you want to add new participants any time.

    What happens after I buy one or more licenses?

    After you made a purchase, you will receive your login credentials within 24 hours via email. You can use these to register your account, which will be pre-populated, tested and ready to be launched with your selected experience and the number of licenses you purchased. (See Step 2 above)
    After you have registered, you will have access to all Practera GO functionality and can enrol your participants anytime.

    How long will it take until I can enrol my students?

    Everything is ready to go, so you can launch in no time. We have seen successful program roll-outs within 72 hours!

    Will you help me to launch my program?

    Of course, we are committed to make you successful! Our customer success team who all have an educational background are there for you. On the administrator platform you will have 24/7 access to our support tools and chat support during Australian business hours. 

    Can I buy more licenses later?

    Yes. You can come back anytime to purchase additional licenses, which will be added to your account.

    Can I customise the experience?

    If you need to edit the experiences, or author and brand - please ask us about
    Practera Pro access to change content, the structure or the branding of the app.


    Who delivers the experience?

    In the standard Practera GO model, you deliver the entire experience. For experiences with real clients or projects, you will need to find these for your students (or let the student find them) before you can enrol your participants.
    We do offer full-service program management options where you can simply provide us with a list of students and your required type of experience and we will provide real projects, clients, mentors and delivery services.

    Is the user data secure?

    Yes. We have the highest standards for our data privacy and security. You can read our public statement about our data policy here

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