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  • 2 week project, 25 hours
  • 300 students in 50 teams
  • 50 global employers, sourced by Practera
  • June 2022: 225 students
  • November 2022: 75 students
  • Theme: Funding & Finance
  • Cost: £75 / student
  • 87% Learner Program Rating
  • 89% Client Rating
  • 94% Program Completion
  • Up to 25% improvement in career readiness in 2 weeks


KBS identified that it had a large cohort of students with high academic achievement but low levels of work experience and low skill confidence. These students were mostly international students and were typically difficult to engage with Careers Services.

The KBS team wanted to provide an impactful solution globally that students could complete on summer holidays to advance career readiness. They sought a global employer network and the platform to deliver this initiative at scale.


KBS engaged Practera to deliver a two-week "Industry experience program" Using a highly scalable and virtual project model, teams of multidisciplinary students worked on a real business challenge and received authentic feedback from their industry client. Both cohorts involved in the program had fantastic results.

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How it Works

An overview of the learner experience

Project Designs are fully customizable. Different Project Themes (e.g. sustainability, data analysis, Policy) and durations are available. Projects are easily built into the curriculum.

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The Results

Overall Outcomes

The June & November 2022 cohorts were a great success. 300 students were placed into multidisciplinary teams with 50 employers to research and provide recommendations on funding pathways across VCs, grants or loans. All students from the identified target group were welcome to apply and 94% students completed the programme, with fantastic results for their employability.

87 %
Student Willingness To Recommend Score
89 %
Client Willingness To Recommend Score
91 %
Student Rating of the Practera App
90 %
Student Rating of the Client Feedback Quality
88 %
Student Rating of the Project Brief & Learning Content
99 %
Reported Improved Employability Skills as a result of the project

The Clients

The employers who submitted briefs & participated in the project

Practera sourced 50 clients and high quality briefs from a range of industries, business sizes and locations to suit students in various time zones.

The Client

  • Huracan Foundation
  • Charity
  • United Kingdom

Project Brief

Challenge: Huracan Foundation is seeking grants to support its mission to use football as a catalyst for learning in communities with challenging environments. There are a number of grant sources available to small charities, but many only fund UK projects rather than those working internationally.

Scope of Work:

  • Research current and emerging funding sources using appropriate secondary sources available.
  • Create a list of potential funding sources we could explore in an excel file; including how and when to apply.
  • Provide an accompanying professional report summarising market sentiment and a ‘deep dive’ into the top 3-5 funding sources.
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Employability Impact

Students' Career Readiness was tracked at the start & end of the project.
Stat A
Stat B
Stat C
Q1. I have relevant work experience that I can share with future employers
  • Before Project: 3.3/5 Average
  • Post Project: 4.5/5 Average
  • 24% Improvement
Q2. I am able to communicate my strengths and experience in a professional setting
  • Before Project: 3.6/5 Average
  • Post Project: 4.4/5 Average
  • 16% Improvement
Q3.  I have a good understanding of my interests, strengths & motivations
  • Before Project: 3.8/5 Average
  • Post Project: 4.5/5 Average
  • 16% Improvement
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