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If you want to experience how it feels to be a participant in a Practera experience, feel free to try our the app for free! Simply purchase this preview experiences (free of charge). Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive a registration link to get participant/student access.

Once you have gone through as a student and are interested in more, reach out any time via the chat at the bottom right corner to get a full demo or purchase licenses to provide access to the full experience to your participants.


We will ask for your email and mobile number during the checkout so that we can send a confirmation and a registration link to your mobile phone - Practera is mobile first and while you technically can access Practera from any device, it looks and feels best on a mobile!


In the full version, you will get the following:


Practera’s 1:1 Mentoring Program is a learning program  that connects mentees and mentors on a meaningful mentoring journey. 

The mentoring template is a generic mentoring program that can be used/adjusted to fit a range of mentoring programs and durations.
Mentees set goals and review their progress, supported by their mentor and in-built learning content. The goal setting and refinement framework used in the program is called GROW -Goal, Reality, Options, Way Forward.


    Get everything you need out-of-the-box

    Our expert learning designers use latest experiential learning pedagogy to design and configure all Practera templates according to best-practices. We ensure that all our templates are delivering real outcomes. If you have questions about this template, feel free to contact our learning designers anytime.


    The supportive learning content has been designed and curated by our experiential learning experts.


    Automated reflective learning loops between mentors and mentees which unlock new content for maximum engagement.


    Work with our experts to easily adjust the details like program duration to fit your specific mentoring requirements. 

    Key features

    Goal setting

    Develop and refine personal and/or professional goals.

    Critical thinking

    Engage with your mentor to critically assess your progress.


    Use reflective learning to advance your capabilities towards your goals.


    • Team360 assessments
    • Chat
    • Fast feedback questions
    • Feedback loops
    • Auto- assign reviewers
    • Auto-publish
    • Gamification: achievements and unlocking
    • Notifications
    • Range of assessment styles
    • Feedback survey


    Benefits for you and your participants

    Get started with your own Practera program in less than 24 hours. Our GROW template has everything you need to provide a great experience to your mentors and mentees – achieving real outcomes while keeping the admin work to a minimum.


     Build a meaningful relationship between mentees and mentors and help them succeed.

    • Prepare for and execute a structured and purposeful mentoring relationship
    • Practical employability skills development content
    • Step yourself through a reflective learning process against competencies


    Facilitate valuable connections and a network of mentors for all your mentees. Efficient and effective.

    • Provide fast feedback when prompted through the app
    • Provide competency based feedback
    • Share knowledge with the next generation


    Remove admin overhead and reduce your workload. Focus on your students and results.

    • Monitor cohort and individual activity and progress in real time
    • Garner actionable insights
    • Undertake targeted interventions in response

    Use Practera to provide a great mentoring experience to all participants and cut down on the admin overhead!


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