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If you want to experience how it feels to be a participant in a Practera experience, feel free to try our the app for free! Simply purchase this preview experiences (free of charge). Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive a registration link to get participant/student access.

Once you have gone through as a student and are interested in more, reach out any time via the chat at the bottom right corner to get a full demo or purchase licenses to provide access to the full experience to your participants.


We will ask for your email and mobile number during the checkout so that we can send a confirmation and a registration link to your mobile phone - Practera is mobile first and while you technically can access Practera from any device, it looks and feels best on a mobile!


In the full version, you will get the following:



The Practera Industry placement Quality Assurance experience lets you monitor, track and understand how your students and industry partners are feeling. Real-time analytics will flag potential issues that can address in a timely matter.

This experience can be added to any Industry Placement or Internship program that you are already running, or can be part of creating a whole new program.

Interns will: track progress and task completion; assess and be assessed on professional skills; access supportive materials; and receive regular, objective-related feedback.

The program design complements real world intern-supervisor interactions and is compliant with the Fairwork Australia requirements.


Learning Outcomes 

  1. Develop and apply employability skills
  2. Demonstrate and apply experiential learning, including reflection
  3. Engage in professional development, including networking

Key features

  • Set Internship Objective
  • Progress Check-ins & Reflection
  • Professional Skills Reviews
  • Supervisor feedback
  • End of Internship Presentation (optional)
  • Self-assessments
  • Chat
  • Fast feedback questions
  • Auto-assign reviewers
  • Auto-publish
  • Optional automated comms
  • Virtual Check-ins 

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